Hardware specifications of MBS Gateways

MBS UGW- and multi-gateways are very powerful Mini-PCs based on ARM9-CPU. The operating system is Linux. This setup features various advantages:

  • powerful CPU
  • high flexibility for development
  • quick reaction, special modification and individual programming possible
  • hundreds of protocol combinations possible

Every protocol that is added to our portfolio can be linked to all already existing protocols. Manufacturers with proprietary protocols can easily offer couplings to BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC and many other protocols with just developing one driver for an MBS gateway.

You will find our protocol portfolio here:

Gateway Model RS232 RS485 Ethernet CAN DALI KNX LON M-Bus USB ProfinetProfibus
UGW Single-X Standard
UGW Double-X CAN
UGW Double-X KNX
UGW Double-X LON
UGW Double-X M-BUS
UGW Double-X Profinet
UGW Double-X USB
UGW Double-X x-Link ○2 ○2 ●2
UGW Triple-X Profinet + CAN
UGW Triple-X Profinet + DALI
UGW Triple-X Profinet + KNX
UGW Triple-X Profinet + LON
UGW Triple-X Profinet + M-BUS
UGW Triple-X KNX + LON
UGW Triple-X KNX + M-Bus
Maxi MK II ●2

MBS UGW gateways offer one serial interface which must be set either RS232 or RS485 prior shipment.

Gateways with integrated M-Bus Masters are specified for up to 30 standard loads (30×1.5 mA). M-Bus masters with higher capacity can be connected to the a.m. serial interface.

●xyes, quantity

MBS-gateways are licensed according to the amount of data points they connect.

One data point (DP) is regarded as one link between two data points. Bi-directional communication is counted as two data points.

Modeldata point capacity
UGW up to 25 DP
UGW up to 200 DP
UGW up to 500 DP
UGW up to 1.000 DP
UGW up to 2.500 DP
Maxi Mk II up to 20.000 DP
Maxi Mk II XL up to 40.000 DP

How MBS gateways work

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