Stentofon AlphaCom/AlphaNet (Scanvest)


The performance of the driver is generally designed to make the functions of a controldesk-intercom available to other protocols.

The connection to a system can either be serial (RS232) or via TCP/IP. The supported protocol is SLL (Simple Link Layer).

The driver offers the function of establishing connections between individual participants (connreq), to display connection requests between individual participants (callreq) and to transmit the connection state of such connections (connstat).

There is also the option of displaying the operational state of a call station (lineerr). Functions are available for mapping digital inputs (rci) and digital outputs (rco).

A test of the elevator emergency call function according to standard EN 81 is possible (button). For special applications there is also the possibility of control button simulation (dialdig).

Data Points

The following data points are supported (in brackets the telegrams used for this in the protocol):

* connreq <target> <source> ⇒ make connection (writable, CONN_REQ)

  • callreq <target> <source> ⇒ connection request (CALL_STATUS_BC)
  • connstat <target> <source> ⇒ connection status (CONN_STATUS_BC, DISCON_STATUS_BC)
  • lineerr <source> ⇒ participant state (STATION_DOWN, STATION_BUSY)
  • rci <number> ⇒ input state (RCI_CHANGED)
  • rco <number> ⇒ output state (writable, RCO_CHANGED, SET_LOGICAL_RCO)
  • button <number> ⇒ test message (EN81_BUTTON)
  • dialdig <number> ⇒ key simulation (SINGLE_DIGIT, DIGIT_RELEASE, M_KEY, M_KEY_RELEASE, C_KEY)

<target>, <source> and <number> always consist of the node number and the call station number.


Notes on the entries in the driver configuration file (stento1.cfg):

The Option HandleAll acts as follows:

0 = only broadcast telegrams or messages to the own station are processed
1 = all telegrams transmitted via the interface are processed

The Option AliveCheck acts as follows:

0 = PING telegrams are neither expected nor answered
1 = PING telegrams are expected by the system and PONG is sent

For PING/PONG, the correct setting for NetNode/NetDevice must be available. This telegram is only answered if it is sent to the configured station.

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