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    query = pe    query = pe
    format = SINT16 F:10    format = SINT16 F:10
 +=====Data transfer=====
 +In Step7 or TIA you have to take care that the data have to be transferred to the periphery. With TIA, a ":P" must be added after the actual address (e.g. "E700"). In Step7 this would be e.g. "PED700".
 +=====IP addresses and device names=====
 +The IP address of the gateway has nothing to do with the IP address of the ProfiNet side. A setting of the IP address on the ProfiNet side must be done via Step7 or TIA, an adjustment via the interface of the gateway is not possible.
 +If the network interface of the gateway and the network interface of the ProfiNet are located in the same network (e.g. on the same VLAN/switch), the IP addresses must be different, otherwise communication problems may occur.
 +If several ProfiNet gateways are in use in a network, it must also be ensured that the names of the devices must also be changed. It is not allowed to operate several devices with identical names in one network.
 +=====Procedure for changes to the hardware configuration=====
 +When changing the hardware configuration of the gateway, a reboot of the system is usually sufficient.
 +It may sometimes happen that no communication is established after a reboot, although both sides are configured identically. In this case, it is sufficient to switch the gateway off for a longer time (approx. 30 seconds). If this workaround does not work, please contact support.
 +[[|DSGVO/Privacy Policy]]</sub>
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