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 +===== Tips and notes =====
 +For some meters it may be necessary to increase the waiting time between the individual characters of a telegram. To do this, you can set the configuration parameter "ReceiveInterCharTimeout" to a higher value, e.g. 500 (ms). The default value is 300 ms.
 +When using the M-Bus meter scan, it can happen in large systems that a scan takes longer. Here there is a time limit, which is 600 seconds (10 minutes) in the default value. Here, a higher duration can be defined via the configuration parameter "MeterScanTimeout".
 +==== Notes on polling behavior ====
 +How often a meter is polled depends on the "CacheTimeout" entry in the configuration file. The global parameter is effective if the meter itself does not already have another entry.
 +How often the driver starts a poll run (or poll attempt) is specified by the "Interval" parameter. If a value greater than "CacheTimeout" is specified for "Interval", then the poll interval is also greater.
 +Normally, the interval can be left at 1 second, so that the "CacheTimeout" takes effect.
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