How to access the configuration interface of the gateway?

To access the configuration interface, enter the following address in a web browser: or

Important: For the connection via https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), the gateway has its own security certificate when delivered.

This must be replaced in the gateway's deployment environment by a certificate from the gateway's own organization. The certificate is uploaded to the gateway via: General / IP network / Services.

How to log in on the gateway?

In the factory setting, the user name is „gw“ and the password is „GATEWAY“.

IMPORTANT: Changing the password during commissioning is strongly recommended!

IMPORTANT: The preset password cannot be restored by a reset!

Lost passwords can only be replaced by the user, if the SSH option in the gateway has been activated before.

Which IP address do the gateways have on delivery?

If no other IP address is specified to build a system, the default IP address is with network mask

If other addresses are required, this can be communicated when placing the order. The IP address specifically for your system will then already be preconfigured.

What IP address must be configured on my computer to connect to the gateway?

The computer's network interface must be configured with an IP address which is on the same network as the gateway.

In standard configuration the gateway is delivered with the address with the network mask (factory settings). For example, a configuration with the IP address with the network mask will fit on your computer. The network mask is usually suggested automatically.

Can one gateway connect more than two protocols?

Yes, this is possible. See also: „How many bus protocols can a gateway connect to each other?“

Which meaning does the status LED have?

If the status LED flashes GREEN-GREEN, the gateway is in normal operation, all drivers are running properly.

The status GREEN-RED indicates that a driver has set the failure parameter, e.g. because a device is not accessible.

The RED-RED state indicates that two or more drivers have set the failure parameter, e.g. because a device is unreachable and one driver is not properly configured.

While the gateway is booting, the status LED lights up orange.

I have forgotten the IP of the gateway, how can I reach the device again? Which functions does the reset button have?

Pressing the reset button for longer than 5 seconds, but not longer than 10 seconds, will reset the device to the default IP until the next reboot. During the first 5 seconds of pressing the status LED flashes RED, after 5 seconds GREEN.

On the UGW-Maxi the Status-LED is monochrome. The states are represented by different blinking frequencies. RED corresponds to about 1Hz and GREEN to about 2Hz.

If the reset button is pressed for more than 10 seconds, the status LED changes to the state ORANGE flashing (approx. 5Hz for UGW-Maxi). This sets the gateway to the default IP and the DHCP server is activated.

If the reset button is pressed for less than 5 seconds, the device is only restarted.

At the RS485 interface a LED lights up permanently, what does this mean?

If the RX-LED of the RS485 interface lights up permanently, the polarity of the bus is probably not correct. In this case, wires A and B must be swapped. If several devices are connected, one or more of the slaves may be mixed up.

The status LED flashes RED-GREEN, what does that mean?

If the status LED RED-GREEN is flashing, a driver has set the Failure parameter, e.g. because a device is not reachable.

The status LED flashes RED-RED, what does that mean?

If the status LED RED-RED blinks, two or more drivers have set the Failure parameter, e.g. because one device is not reachable and one driver is not configured correctly.

How are the data points counted in a gateway?

A data point in the sense of a gateway is the forwarding of the value assigned to a technical address in a bus system.
It does not matter whether it is a setpoint, an actual value or a feedback.


  • A simple forwarding of an outside temperature from one bus protocol to another is counted as a link, i.e. a data point.
  • If a setpoint specification is forwarded from one data point to another, this is also a data point in the sense of a gateway. The backlinking of the feedback then counts as another data point.
  • If an actual value is mapped to several technical addresses within a gateway, each mapping counts as a single data point.

How many different bus protocols can a gateway connect?

The MBS Universal Gateways have a modular design. As many bus protocols can be installed on a gateway as there are connection options available.

With serial bus protocols such as Modbus RTU, only one bus protocol can be active on a serial interface of the gateway.

On an IP interface, however, several bus protocols can be activated simultaneously as long as the bus protocols run on different ports. A simultaneous operation of e.g. BACnet, OPC and SNMP is however problem-free possible.

What is the combination of serial and logical interface on the UGW?

When activating various drivers, it is necessary to select a logical interface. The following serial interfaces are logically available or linked on the gateway:

Devicetty logical link
X-Link (general) ttyS2 (RS232)
ttyS1 (RS485)
Maxi ttyS0 RS232
ttyS2 RS232
ttyS3 RS485
ttyS4 RS485
Maxi MKII (new) ttymxc4 (RS485)
ttymxc1 (RS232)

If a driver with a serial interface is activated in the driver configurations of the UGW, the logical link of the interface must be selected beforehand.

With which voltages does the serial interface work?

The MBS Universal Gateways work with RS232 communication as defined in the standard:

A Voltage between
−3 V and −15 V signals a logical „One“
and voltage between
+3 V and +15 V a logical „Zero“.

In unloaded state the voltage is approx. +8 V resp. -8 V.

What is the meaning of datapoint _status for datapoint "Status"?

0  Error   - driver error (not started or was stopped)
1  Offline - driver is offline (no connection to the device, driver does not run)
2  Dial    - establish connection to the device
3  Init    - initialize connection to the device
4  Online  - driver is online (connected to the device)
5  Break   - connection to the device will be disconnected
6  Locked  - driver locked by user

What is the meaning of datapoint _error for datapoint "Status"?

The _error datapoint has value „1“, if _status datapoint has value „0“ (Error).

What do the flags mean for the datapoint "Status"?

There are 14 flags that show more information about the value.

c  Changed    - value has changed
H  History   
s  RangeLow  
a  AlarmLow  
w  WarnLow   
S  RangeHigh 
A  AlarmHigh 
W  WarnHigh  
O  Locked    
-  Auto      
L  Local     
E  Error     
F  Fault      
V  Valid      - value is valid

A flag not set is displayed as „ . “
The use of the flags depends on the protocol driver.
Example: Flags for a changed and valid value „c…………V“

Router UBR-01 with WILO pumps on MSTP bus are not visible on BACnet-IP

If the WILO pumps are configured with a BACnet device ID < 255, they are visible via BACnet-IP.
If a device ID higher than 255 is configured on the pump, this device is no longer visible. In any cases, the MAC addresses are smaller than 127 (MSTP master).

Solution: The BACnet device ID of the WILO pumps can be changed afterwards via a BACnet-Client (e.g.: BACeye) to a value < 255.

The web interface is not or incorrectly displayed

This problem can have several causes:

  • Netmask of calling computer and gateway do not match.
  • The browser cache still contains old data. Here it helps to clear the browser cache (depending on the browser), or to trigger a forced reload of the interface with Shift-F5 or Ctrl-F5.
  • It is accessed via a proxy. In this case you should either disable the proxy or set up an exception rule for the gateway. Under Windows 10 this is done in the window „Internet Settings or Internet Properties - Connections - LAN Settings“.
  • Interaction with the interface does not work. It is possible that Javascript is not active. A workaround is usually to define the gateway as a local device.

In many cases the use of another browser helps. Instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, it is recommended to have Chrome or Firefox, or possibly Opera installed on your computer. All browsers are also available as portable versions, i.e. they can be started without installation.

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