effeff BCM 925

The effeff BCM 925 driver allows reading and writing values from/to the bus controller 925 via RS232 interface.

The name for the effeff BCM 925 driver is: bcm
The routing address of the first Effeff BCM 925 driver is: 1320
The data point file name of the first effeff BCM 925 driver is: bcm1.txt
The configuration file for global settings of the first effeff BCM 925 driver is: bcm1.cfg

For the effeff BCM 925 driver as well as all other gateway drivers the data point definitions are as follows:

Type Description
M Integer value (binary data points, counters) which can/shall only be read by the gateway
S Integer value which can be either read or written by the gateway. (to M-BUS writing is not possible)
X Floating point value (with decimal place) which can/shall only be read by the gateway
Y Floating point value (with decimal place) which can be either read or written by the gateway. (to M-BUS writing is not possible)
A String, is used e.g. with BACnet Trends and ESPA4.4.4 data points

Addresses are defined as follows:

„<type> <nr>.<token>“

Dabei gilt folgende Definition:

Parameter Range of values Description
<type> state,
data from bus-controller
data to the bus-controller
<nr> Integer user no. (–> please refer to manufacturer's manual).
<token> status/control function for status/cmd (–> please refer to manufacturer's manual).

The status for the first effeff bus-controller 925 driver is defined in the file bcm1.txt:

[M state 0.ZS]

Quitting of the alarm for user 1 is defined in bcm1.txt:

[S cmd 1.TSAL]


One bus controller 925 can have up to 120 users. Users can be either tableaus or escape door controllers. The bus controller has user no. 0, the users 1-120.

Status-Token for the bus-controller 925

Token Description Value
ZS Status Bus-Controller 0=not ready, 1=ready
SU Status timer 0=Off, 1=On
LA Status global lock 0=Off, 1=On
FA Status fire alarm system 0=quit alarm, 1=initiate alarm
AR Status alarm relais 0=alarm, 1=no alarm
SR Status failure relais 0=failure, 1=no failure
S1 DIP-switch 1 0=Off, 1=On
S2 DIP-switch 2 0=Off, 1=On
S3 DIP-switch 3 0=Off, 1=On
S4 DIP-switch 4 0=Off, 1=On
S5 DIP-switch 5 0=Off, 1=On
S6 DIP-switch 6 0=Off, 1=On
S7 DIP-switch 7 0=Off, 1=On
S8 DIP-switch 8 0=Off, 1=On
VZ pre-alarm time 4 bit value with 4 second pattern, max. 64 seconds
AZ alarm time 4 bit value with 11 seconds pattern, max. 176 seconds
AG Working group 0=none, 1=exist
ST failure0=no failure, 1=failure on BCM925
AS buzzer 0=buzzer off, 1=buzzer on
WE failure EEProm not writable0=no failure, 1=failure
EE failure EEProm not readable0=no failure, 1=failure
MS failure user, undefined address0=no failure, 1=failure
MR failure reference run 0=no failure, 1=failure
CE failure wrong user ID 0=no failure, 1=failure
AC failure user address conflict 0=no failure, 1=failure
BE malfuntion BCM 925 0=no failure, 1=failure
AM failure multiple identical users0=no failure, 1=failure
NS failure no user reply0=no failure, 1=failure
SB failure short circuit on bus 0=no failure, 1=failure

Control Funktion-Token for the Bus-Controller 925

Token DescriptionValue
SSU set clock timer0=Off, not 0=On
SLA set global lock0=Off, not 0=On
SFA set fire alarm system0=quit alarm, not 0=initiate alarm
SRE set relais (alarm/failure) not 0 relais idle

Status-Token for Escape door controllers

Token Description Value
TTK door sensor 0=door open, 1=door closed
TKE identifier2 bytes value,
4=controller 1338-20
6=controller 720-20/22
7=controller 720-30/32
9=terminal 1370-xx
11=terminal 1340-201
TTV lock4 bits value,
1=door locked
2=door unlocked
5=door locked and alarm
6=door unlocked and alarm
8=short time unlocking in progress
9=quit alarm, reason unknown
10=user offline
11=door locked and emergency power active
12=door unlocked and emergency power active
13=short time unlock and emergency power active
14=quit alarm, reason unknown and emergency power active
TTS maintenance0=no maintenance, 1=maintenance
TTTG locked by global lock 0not locked, 1=locked
TTTS unlocked by timer0=not unlocked, 1=unlocked
TTW waiting for data update0=not waiting, 1=waiting for update
TTA emergency power0=no emergency power active, 1=emergency power active
TTTA state of alarm0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TTO Online 0=user offline, 1=user online
TAT timeout door open0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAB fires controls system at BCM 0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAK door open without clearance0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAF global clearance released0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAM sensor ring triggered 0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAZ global emergency clearance initiated0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAE fire control system at user initiated0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAV lock-confirmation missing0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAN emergency open at user confirmed0=no alarm, 1=alarm
TAS open housing at user0=no alarm, 1=alarm

Control Function-Token for escape door control

Token Description Value
TSTV lock/unlock0=unlock, 1=lock, if already locked = short time unlock
TSAL quit alarmvalue not 0 for quit alarm

Status-Token for parallel tableaus

Token DescriptionValue
TKE identifier 2 bytes value, 8=tableau
TZS Status parallel tableau 0=Tableau Offline, 1=Tableau Online
TSU Status timer 0=off, 1=on
TLA Status global lock 0=off, 1=on
TFA Status fire alarm system0=quit alarm, 1=alarm active
TTW waiting for data update0=not waiting, 1=waiting for update
TTA amount of users 1 byte Wert

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