ESSER Data Protocol (EDP)

The protocol is used to communicate with ESSER fire alarm system IQ8 and FlexES.

A project related approval from Honeywell is required before using the essernet® protocol. Please contact your Honeywell / ESSER dealer.

The Multi-Protocol Gateway Finder can be used to determine the appropriate MBS Gateway:

Multi-Protokoll-Gateway Finder

Hardware requirements


A connection to the essernet® protocol via the internal RS485/232/TTY interfaces of the IQ8 or FlexES is not possible.

SEI2 components

These components must be purchased directly from Honeywell.

SEI2 not redundant:

  • 784850 - Serielles essernet®-Interface (SEI2)

SEI2 redundant:

  • 784852 Serial essernet®-modul 62,5 kBd (SEI2red)
  • 784853 Serial essernet®-modul 500 kBd (SEI2red)

SEI components (phased-out models)

The components and article references:

Basic layer board, depends on desired functions of the coupling

  • 784855 - unidirectional, only reading values, no remote control
  • 784856 - bidirectional, reading and writing, remote control option („WinMag-version“)

Suitable module for ring loop connection

  • 784840.10 - essernet®-Module 62,5 kBd
  • 784841.10 - essernet®-Module 500 kBd

The connection to the gateway is serial, therefore an add-on board is required:

  • 772386 - Interface-Module RS 232/V.24

Suitable housing for wall mounting of the SEI:

  • 788606 - Housing-Kit

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