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 ==== Licensing of the BACnet-2-OPC software ==== ==== Licensing of the BACnet-2-OPC software ====
-Our BACnet-2-OPC software is licensed with a software dongle. This allows a one-time installation on Windows computer. +The BACnet-2-OPC software is licensed with a software dongle. This allows a __one-time__ installation on __one__  Windows computer. 
-There are two ways to license the BACnet-2-OPC software: Online or Offline. The online method requires an internet connection of the destination computer, the offline method doesn't.+There are two ways to license the software. The online method requires an internet connection of the computer, the offline method does not.
-=== Online=== +=== Online === 
-The destination computer requires a active connection to our licensing server during the licensing processWe deliver you a licence key which has to be insert by first software installation. After successful licensing, an active internet connection is no longer required.+The computer needs an active Internet connection to connect to the MBS-licensing-server during licensing. A license key is provided with the purchase of the software and is entered the first time the software is started. After successful licensing, the Internet connection is no longer required.
-=== Offline=== +=== Offline === 
-Offline licensing is necessary in case the target computer can't have internet connectivityFor this reason, files must be manually exchanged between the licensing server and target computer. +Offline licensing is necessary if it is not possible to connect the computer to the InternetIn this case, files must be exchanged manually between the licensing-server and the computer. 
-For offline licensing, please install the software on the destination computer. When starting the software, you have the option to create a fingerprint file of the destination computer by the licensing dialogue windowPlease send us this file by emailBased on the fingerprint information we create you an individual license file that you will receive by e-mail in a timely mannerThen, the license file must be transferred to the target computer and imported by the licensing dialogue window during software startup.+ 
 +For this purpose BACnet-2-OPC is installed on the computer first. When starting the software the licensing dialog gives the possibility to create a fingerprint file of the computer. The file must be sent by e-mail to the MBS supportFrom the fingerprint an individual license file is created for this computer, which will be returned by e-mail timely. This license file must be transferred to the computer and read in via the licensing dialog. 
 +[[|DSGVO/Privacy Policy]]</sub>
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